About us

Welcome to Corporate City Painters & Decorators.  We’re Auckland-based painters and decorators who have more than 20 years’ experience in the business.  Our painting and decorating team are mobile and dependable, and we are known for on-site safety, good communication, and our quality of work.  We use Resene™ or Dulux paints, as having the best finish we’ve found.  We’re happy to consult with you on colour choices.

If you’d like to get a no-obligation quote, or even an idea of costs, you, give us a ring on 021 127 2056  or 021 027 25943 or email us on quote@corporatecitypainters.co.nz 

We were established  in 2017 by combining two reputable companies - City Painters Ltd and Corporate Painters NZ Ltd.rporate Painters NZ Ltd

Habib Hosseini and Noman Bakshi, the owners, started their respective businesses with small teams and a commitment to affordable quality.  They met, found they shared these same values, and so decided to combine and set a new benchmark for painting contractors - that of reliability, competitive cost and good communication.

Since 2017, the company's team has doubled, and it is now known for the ability to produce quality results on deadline.

The team